The Amphicruiser

Conquer land and water with our amphibious car

When you drive it on the road it drives like a SUV. In the water it sails like a boat. And on rough terrain it is the most reliable 4-wheel drive amphibious vehicle there is. Switch from being a driver to a captain by just pushing one button.  An amphibious car only knows benefits!

  • 87 mph, 135 km/h road speed
  • 4WD
  • No navigation license needed
  • Water jet propulsion
  • Stainless steel underbody

Which Amphicruiser suits you?

Take a look at our three different amphibious car models! The Amphicruiser Rescue, the Worker and the Adventure. Which of those three amphibious vehicles suits you?

  • amphibious vehicle

    Amphicruiser Rescue

    Search and rescue, no matter the terrain. Be fully operational in flooded areas.

    1. Safe and time saving
    2. A fully equipped emergency response vehicle
    3. Large towing capacity in both land and water operations
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  • amphibious vehicle

    Amphicruiser Worker

    Work efficiently and avoid risks when working in wetlands and coastal areas.

    1. Efficient and comfortable
    2. No unloading and loading from vehicle to vessel
    3. Reach everywhere
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    Amphicruiser Adventure

    Enjoy unparalleled freedom to travel and explore.

    1. Explore everywhere
    2. Comfortable in water crossings
    3. Safe trip
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“Do not go where
the path may lead...”

Drive on land

On the road it is a normal SUV. You can drive comfortably at speeds of up to 135 km/h.

Sail Through Water

In the water it sails like a boat. It is very steady because of the optimized hull shape and weight distribution.

Explore All terrain

On rough terrain it is the most reliable 4 x 4. This is due to the fact it is based on Toyota Land Cruiser technology.
Amphibious car

Custom Design

If our standard options don’t fulfill your particular needs, the Amphicruiser can be customized to fit your requirements. We work with world class specialists in many fields.

Do you wish for your Amphibious car to have an exclusive design? Or do you have plans to use the Amphicruiser as an attraction or promotional vehicle? We look forward to hearing your ideas and helping you to create the amphibious car you want!

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Made in holland

The Amphicruiser is the concept of a vastly experienced Dutch marine engineering company called De Jong Holland. The amphibious car is entirely designed and produced by Dutch workmanship. Technology Contact us