We have made the most reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle, the Toyota Land Cruiser, sail. The high quality and capacity of this strong vehicle makes it the perfect foundation to build it as an amphibian craft.


  • Technology amphicruiser road

    Road and water approved

    The Amphicruiser has both European certifications for road and water. It is certified by TÜV as a normal vehicle and by Lloyds Register as a normal boat. So there are no restrictions compared to cars and boats. In the most parts of the world the European certifications are sufficient.

  • Drive Sail amphicruiser

    You drive, you sail

    You only need a driving licence to drive and sail with the Amphicruiser in European waters. The navigation speed is still below the maximum that requires a navigation licence in Europe. On the road it behaves like a car and in the water like a small boat. A test drive and navigation will be sufficient to become familiar with the Amphicruiser.

  • Repair over the world

    Maintenance and repair all over the world

    A worldwide network ensures the supply of parts for the Amphicruiser. Maintenance and normal repair are uncomplicated and comparable to other vehicles. We offer a high level of service and technical support all over the world.

  • Amphicruiser holland

    Made in Holland

    The Amphicruiser is the concept of a vastly experienced Dutch marine engineering company called De Jong Holland. It is entirely designed and produced by Dutch workmanship.

Which Amphicruiser suits you?

  • amphibious vehicle

    Amphicruiser Rescue

    Search and rescue, no matter the terrain. Be fully operational in flooded areas.

    1. Safe and time saving
    2. A fully equipped emergency response vehicle
    3. Large towing capacity in both land and water operations
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  • amphibious vehicle

    Amphicruiser Worker

    Work efficiently and avoid risks when working in wetlands and coastal areas.

    1. Efficient and comfortable
    2. No unloading and loading from vehicle to vessel
    3. Reach everywhere
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  • amphibious vehicle

    Amphicruiser Adventure

    Enjoy unparalleled freedom to travel and explore.

    1. Explore everywhere
    2. Comfortable in water crossings
    3. Safe trip
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“Do not go where
the path may lead...”