Amphicruiser worker

Does your job take you to the borders of land and water? Then the Amphicruiser Worker is your ultimate vehicle. It dominates wetlands, so you can reach everywhere and do your work. Choose a pick-up to transport your material or a wagon to take your colleagues with you.

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  • Amphicruiser worker body

    Efficient and comfortable

    You just jump in and go. You are protected against the elements, no matter whether it’s the burning sun or the torrential rain. No need to get exposed, just push the button to enter the water and sail away.

  • No unloading and loading from vehicle to vessel

    Avoid dangerous boarding or risky vehicle transitions. One vehicle takes care of it all. No hustle transferring cargo from vehicle to vessel, which ensures an efficient, safer operation.

  • Reach everywhere

    No matter what terrain you expect, with the Amphicruiser Worker you and your material will get there for sure. Some days you just don’t know what you will find. Will there be water or not? Ensuring your preparation is easy. Just take your Amphicruiser Worker and you will always have all the gear you need with you.

“it makes the
job much easier”