Amphicruiser rescue

A new kind of Emergency Response Vehicle is now available. The Amphicruiser Rescue saves precious time and reduces risk to emergency responders when operating in both flooded urban areas and rural wetlands. There is no need to switch from vehicle to vessel as you have all your equipment with you at all times.

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  • Amphicruiser wheel

    Safe and time saving

    Amphicruiser Rescue quickly enters and exits the water without stopping or interrupting the mission in hand. It keeps emergency personnel safe, as warm and as dry as possible, out of polluted floodwaters. And because of its high off-road capability, Amphicruiser Rescue is able to traverse damaged roads and to leave pavemented areas when necessary.

  • Amphicruiser rescue equipment

    A fully equipped emergency response vehicle

    The Amphicruiser Rescue is a fully equipped Emergency Response Vehicle. It comes with emergency lighting, first responder medical kit, all in accordance with the ANSI standards. Amphicruiser Rescue can be fitted with livery acceptable to local and national standards.

  • Amphicruiser rescue

    Large towing capacity in both land and water operations

    Amphicruiser Rescue has the capacity to tow rafts or boats through areas of shallow water, eliminating the need for emergency response personnel to enter the water and tow by hand. And thanks to its large hauling capacity, Amphicruiser can be equipped to operate as a Local Incident Command Centre.


Click to see the features and download the specification schedule sheet for more detailed vehicle information.

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Amphicruiser rescue training

Special training

The training programme for day-to-day and operational use of the Amphicruiser Rescue, has been developed in close co-operation with a major organization experienced in educating and training professional first responders. We also offer ‘train the trainer programs’ for all supervisors and managers working in the field of disaster response.

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