Amphicruiser pictures

Below you will find a mix of photos and artist impressions made by Amphicruiser owners and people working for Amphicruiser. After you’ve watched the pictures, don’t forget to take a look at the videos as well!

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Photos - Explorer

These images give an impression of what you can explore with Amphicruiser. Realize your once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Photos - Dutch Wetlands

Some photos of two Amphicruisers, type 'Adventure' conquering land and water in the Netherlands.

Photos - Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz, the popular aperitif cocktail, bought two Amphicruisers for their Aperol Spritz Summer Tours. These customized Pick-Up Amphicruisers have a spectacular bar which can be removed easily.

Artist Impressions - Aperol Spritz

Artist impressions of the customized Pick-Up Amphicruiser for Aperol Spritz.

Artist Impressions - Rescue

Artist impressions of how the Amphicruiser 'Rescue' could look like and function.

Artist Impressions - Safari Park South Korea

Artist impressions of the customized Amphicruiser 'Adventure' for Lost Valley, a safari park in South Korea owned by Samsung.

Artist Impressions - ERV

Artist impressions of the Amphicruiser 'Emergency Response Vehicle' (ERV) in association with Resilient JC, Inc. This not-for-profit-organisation works to enhance community resilience to man-made and natural disasters and aspires to bring world's first Amphicruiser ERV to the USA.

Made in holland

The Amphicruiser is the concept of a vastly experienced Dutch marine engineering company called De Jong Holland. It is entirely designed and produced by Dutch workmanship. Technology Contact us